Home Inspection Checklist

Whether you are buying a home or preparing to sell a home, an inspection of the property is very a valuable step in the buying and selling process. Most homeowners or homeowners-to-be are not trained professionals, but there are some things that you can check out when doing a walk through inside and outside of the home to determine if there are any red flags that need to be dealt with. It is good to know what to look for prior to a professional inspection being done.

If you are a buyer, this checklist will give you a better idea of what the inspector is looking for and to see if anything gets missed. This quick walk through checklist could help you determine wether or not you want to proceed in making an offer on the property. If you do decided to proceed in making an offer on the property, then it is always recommended to hire a professional to do a thorough inspection.

As a seller, this checklist will help guide you on what repairs you may need to make prior to listing your property for sale. Most buyers will be hiring their own professional inspector. Going through these step ahead of time will eliminate any surprises that could possible collapse an offer if there are large deferred maintenance items that you should have dealt with ahead of time.

To ensure that the inspector you have hired is qualified, they should be licensed through the Home Inspectors Association of BC This helpful search tool can help you find someone for a home inspection, commercial inspection or who is WETT certified.


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